We went to the Shanghai Happy Vally in late October as the autumn colours were seen. The clear sky, blue and distant, was drawn further as you focus on it, which you never felt in the summer days when you escape the hot. The leaves, in golden and brown,gray green, red, were frolicing around in the wind as if dressing in new clothes to celebrate the arrival of guests, or maybe just being happy to be able play outside as the burning sun has altered its manic temper. Now the atmosphere around was full of joy and vigor, as well as sweet odour from the osmanthus and all the other blooming. It was time for the escapists to get out of their chairs and move their bodies. Autumn was coming.


We has determined to join the crowd. The destination we chose was Happy Vally, the biggest outdoor amusement resort in Shanghai. It has been heard that there are so many entertainments that requires courage and adventure. Things are always sounded easier than done.


Before we take a ride of Mega-Lite (‘蓝月飞车’ in Chinese), we were excited about what we would do.